Beef & Lamb Recipes

Need a beef or a lamb recipe for a delicious dinner tonight? Here are some asian beef/ lamb recipe that is easy and is bound to. impress. Whether its a simple stir-fry beef recipe such as the popular beef and broccoli recipe , a ground beef recipe or a tasty beef shortrib recipe, we have got it for you. Time to cook up a delicious asian beef/lamb recipe tonight.

Asian Beef Recipes

Need a beef recipe for a delicious dinner tonight? Our Asian beef recipes are easy to follow and bound to impress. Whether it’s a simple stir-fry beef recipe such as the popular combination of steak and broccoli, ground beef tacos or a tasty short rib, there will be something that you’d like.

Cooking beef

Beef is an popular meat used in many cuisines. Learning how to cook beef may be tricky for some but if you follow the right set of instructions, you will be able to cook a good steak well. Ensuring that the meat is tender and juicy is an important part of the process when cooking meat. This would depend and vary according to the type of cut you are working with. Typically, muscular meats will be tougher, but those with more fat are juicier.

Don’t forget - beef on a bone will add on more flavour to the dish!

Our beef recipes use different kinds of cuts to suit the nature of the dish being prepared. For stews, using less expensive cuts will suffice, but for meals with beef as the main dish without any type of sauces or soupy condiment, it is best advised to choose the best grade of meat.

Grades of beef include Prime, Choice and Select. Regardless, be sure to purchase fresh beef – meat that is bright red and firm.

There are also different ways to cook beef. Depending on the recipe, you can braise, bake, grill, roast or sauté. Our Asian beef recipes adopt different cooking techniques, those that are also unique to the cultures. These varied ways of preparation bring about an array of beef dishes you can cook at the comfort of your home!

Beef recipes for the home-cooks

Our beef recipes are ideal for those still learning how to cook a steak or are already an experienced home chef. From Malaysian-style beef noodles and Vietnamese pho to Korean Bulgogi, you can browse our Asian beef recipes below and find the best one to cook for your next dinner.

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