Travel for Love

Travel for Love is a social experiment presenting all the thrills of travel, with a refreshing take on the beginnings of new relationships. This ten-part series takes place in 5 different cities in Asia – Kuching, Yogyakarta, Dalat, Kuala Lumpur and Bohol. Throughout the series, the influencers will experience amazing local flavors, discover stunning destinations and delve into the unique cultures of their host cities, all whilst challenging their comfort zones, by going on three blind dates. After meeting 3 romantic hopefuls, each influencer will need to choose just 1 person, to go on a second date with. Will sparks fly, or will things smoulder and perhaps ignite new, intangible connections?

Stories of Cities, Food and Love


5 Love Stories, 5 Cities, and The Food That Keeps Romance Cooking

From Da Lat to Kuching, meet five singles who set off on an epic blind date adventure across Southeast Asia

Travel For Love | The Social Experiment Part I

Mariska and Honey recount their experience on Travel For Love, and their new perspective on potential partners.

Travel for Love | Episode 6: To Creep or Not To Creep

Tony and Tahanee share the ways of IG stalking - what to creep, how far too creep, and why it's important to creep.

Travel for Love | Episode 4: The Escape Plan

Mariska and Honey share their ways of escaping a bad date.

Travel for Love | Memorable Moments Part III

Mariska and Honey share about their most memorable moments on Travel for Love, including some blood, sweat and heartwarming moments too.

Travel for Love | Memorable Moments Part II

Tony and Tahanee share about their most memorable moments on Travel for Love.

Travel for Love | Memorable Moments

Honey, Samantha and Mariska share about their most memorable moments on Travel for Love.

The Dating Guide - What to Do, What to Eat, What Mistakes Not To Make.


Travel for Love | Dating Rules 101

Honey, Samantha and Mariska share about their dating rules on a first date.

Travel for Love | Body Language

Tony and Tahanee share the tell-tale signs someone's into you.

Meet the Influencers and What They Love to Eat

Travel for Love


Mariska is a full-time musician of Javanese, Chinese and German ancestry. She is also a classical singer with a penchant for sketching. Her ideal guy is someone funny and as adventurous as she is, but so far her ‘bad radar’ when it comes to men, has led her to date the wrong guys, mostly ‘bad boys’ Will she finally meet someone who is right for her, in Kuching?
Travel for Love


Beautiful but unlucky in love, Tahanee is very independent, having grown up without a mother. Whilst she always wears the pants in a relationship, she is looking for an older guy who can ‘tame’ her. Would a visit to an amazing destination bring the real Tahanee to the surface, or does it just take the right guy?
Travel for Love


Tony is an adventurous New Yorker of Korean/Polish decent who moved to Singapore 1.5 years ago to further his career as a Tech Consultant. He is partial to Korean girls, since he is half Korean, and is very close to his mom, who is Korean. Will he find someone in Dalat, who shares his sense of humour?
Travel for Love


Honey is an adrenaline junkie who loves theme parks. She is open to new culinary experiences and activities. A firm believer of trying everything twice. She describes herself as guarded when it comes to being in a relationship and being vulnerable. Will Bohol help her bring her walls down, and be her chance to make a connection of a lifetime?
Travel for Love


Samantha is a hopeless romantic, looking for love. She is all about family and very proud of being Filipina. This adrenaline junkie loves sports & the beach, but will paragliding and diving with sharks, help her find her soulmate in KL?

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