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If there’s one ingredient bound to shake up your menu in more ways than one, it’s chicken. Fried, steamed, marinated, roasted or poached, it is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Not only is it inexpensive, it works well with other dishes and is fairly easy to meld with different sauces. It is also a great source of protein if you’re counting calories! When it comes down to popularity, our chicken recipes range from authentic to fusion-style cooking - at times, combining ingredients with techniques, both familiar and not. From slathering juicy chicken thighs in toasted fragrant rempah to stir-frying tender chicken pieces in hot, black pepper sauce, the chicken is a quintessential ingredient, prepared in a multitude of ways.

Top Trending Chicken Recipes


Szechuan Spicy Chicken (La Zi Ji Ding)

A popular spicy dried chilli pepper chicken dish. There is a lovely description of the dish saying that you need to find the chicken among the chilli peppers!

Soy Braised Chicken

Braising is one of the easiest ways to infuse delicious flavour into food. Braised chicken is tender, bathed in a savoury sauce, and perfect over a bed of rice.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken Steak

An all-time favourite food in the night market!

Steamed Chicken Buns

Chinese steamed buns can be enjoyed fresh or frozen and reheated for a quick/tasty meal or snack.

Top 10 Chick Eats To Feast


10 Best Sides for All Kinds of Chicken Feasting

Potato is the star side-kick, with its five-spiced baked peels and sweet potato fries making some of the most finger-licking chicken pairings. But sometimes, all you need is a great dip, like a ginger scallion sesame oil one that perfectly completes soy sauce chicken.

10 Ultimate Finger-Licking Chicken Recipes

Search no more- this is the definitive list of 10 ultimate chicken recipes that you should memorise because they.are.all.finger.licking.good. From the stickiest sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken, to fiery sambal fried chicken pops, and an invigorating ginger lemongrass chicken, it's chicken done right, each time. What's your favourite?

10 Gloriously Good Fried Chicken Recipes

From sticky spicy to creamy zesty, enjoy one of the world’s best loved dishes in so many creative ways

10 Kinds of Kitchenware for Chicky Meals

Fry, bake, steam, grill, slow cook – there’s so many ways to prepare chicken if you have the right tools on hand

From Our AFN Foodies

Anton Amoncio

Jollibee Inspired Crispy Fried Chicken with Gravy

Move over KFC, in the Philippines, it’s all Jollibee. My love for this fried chicken goes way back to my childhood days. My grandmother would bring buckets and buckets of this when I celebrated my birthday at school, and that would instantly make me the coolest kid in class. Go around and ask Filipinos, and I am sure that this has always been part of their celebrations and milestones.A party is not a party without it! With this recipe, you can re-create Jollibee’s famous Chicken Joy with its iconic brown gravy to feed your addiction at home.

One Pot Opor Ayam Roast Chicken Thighs

Opor Ayam is a traditional Indonesian dish, packed with the alluring flavours of spices and coconut milk. This version takes those flavours and combines it with a juicy, crispy-skinned chicken thigh by using the oven.

Soy Fried Peppery Chicken (Ayam Goreng Kicap Lada Hitam)

Devour this savory and peppery fried chicken, also known as Ayam Goreng Kicap Lada Hitam, as the perfect flavor duo!

Claypot Chicken Rice with Mushroom

Claypot Chicken Rice with Mushroom is a Cantonese dish that is popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. It is relatively simple and easy to make as it only requires four steps, and you can always switch up the ingredients based on your likings. Many would say that Claypot Chicken Rice with Mushroom is a very flavourful dish as the rice absorbs the essence of the mushroom and chicken grease. Coupled with the tinge of sweetness from the Chinese sausage and oyster sauce, how can this combination get any better!

Ayam Masak Kicap

First deep-fried then simmered to get a caramel brown soy sauce glaze running with fried garlic bits, all infused expertly to a deep-fried chicken.

Crispy Fried Chicken with Sambal

Here’s a dish that is as tasty as it is spicy, the Fried Chicken Sambal! The fiery redness and heat of this dish comes from the Sambal, an addictive paste made mostly from chillies, dried shrimp and a variety of Southeast Asian spices. The chicken is marinated and deep fried, then thrown into a sauce made from a concoction of tomato, onions and chicken stock. Not for the fainthearted but you will be rewarded for your bravado.

Ayam Pongteh

The Peranakan Chicken Stew For Non-Spice Lovers. While many Peranakan dishes can be complicated and time-consuming, Ayam Pongteh, or Chicken Stew, is a classic stew that’s one of the easier ones, and uses a manageable number of ingredients. The key ingredient is tau cheo, a kind of intensely salty, smoky and yeasty fermented soybean that makes everything come together. Gula melaka too, sweetly balances everything. There’s also no spice in this, unusual for Peranakan cuisine, so everyone can tuck in.

How Tos: Back To Basics


How To: Fully Use Up a Chicken

Don't waste the crumbs and get the most out of your chicken dishes. Here are some tips and tricks on how to fully use up a chicken, plus some delicious recipes!

How To: Make Chicken Stock

What's the difference between chicken stock and chicken broth? Find out now.

Rice Cooker Chicken

The very viral rice cooker chicken rice recipe is now right at your fingertips. And it is as easy as it looks-in a quick 10 mins, you chop a chicken, lay it snugly in a bed of white rice and pour in some beautiful chicken stock. Then exercise patience as you wait for a deliciously savoury chicken-filled aroma to infuse the kitchen and signal that now’s the time to eat.

How To: Fully Use Up a Chicken

Don't waste the crumbs and get the most out of your chicken dishes. Here are some tips and tricks on how to fully use up a chicken, plus some delicious recipes!

Healthy & Hearty Chicken Recipes

Under 60 mins

Keto Chicken Meatball Shirataki Noodles

Noodles are typically eaten to represent good fortune and prosperity during Chinese New Year. But that’s hard to do while you’re on Keto, so simply replace high-carb noodles with keto-friendly shirataki ones. Make your own meatballs too using friendly-fats in chicken thigh, and join in the meal with your noodle-loving family.

Steamed Chicken and Pumpkin

Who says it is difficult to whip up a healthy meal at home! Our Steamed Chicken and Pumpkin recipe is not only healthy but also easy to make! Simply marinate the chicken with the various seasoning to your personal preference! Add in the pumpkin cubes before steaming the entire dish for 20 minutes! You can get it all done within 45 minutes, how quick! It is that simple to create a healthy yet hearty Steamed Chicken and Pumpkin dish at home!

Comforting Chicken and Yu Zhu (Solomon’s Seal Rhizome) Soup

Tonic soups made from a combination of herbs (familiar ones include ginseng, red dates and goji berries) is a big part of Chinese cuisine and it’s easy to see why: they are incredibly nutritious, healthy and, of course, absolutely delicious. The Chicken and Yu Zhu soup, a balanced mix of both sweet and savoury, is no different! The sweetness comes from Yu Zhu, or Solomonseal Rhizome, which is also believed to treat dry lungs and strengthen the stomach. Enjoy it hot and with a heap of steamed rice!

Chicken Arroz Caldo

Arroz caldo literally translates to ‘warm rice’. Have this Filipino rice porridge for breakfast to kickstart your day! Ingredients

More Chicken-Licious Recipes

Chick Eats | Popular, Go-To Asian Chicken Recipes from Our Kitchen

A favorite weeknight staple, our famous chicken dishes are easy to follow at home with instructional videos and a guided recipe. Salty, sweet, sour and spicy - combine flavors to cook juicy, meat-off-the-bones chicken that is pucker-inducing and refreshing.

Indulging in lip-smacking and finger-licking good chicken doesn’t have to be difficult or elusive. Consider yourself lucky - our repository of well-loved chicken dishes is a fantastic way to sample the best flavors and cuisine styles across countries in Asia. Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese, tickle your fancy with these savoury chicken delicacies.

In the mood for a healthy weeknight dinner? Our Steamed Chicken with Lemongrass is packed with briny aromatic goodness - delivering a light yet refreshing bite that is guilt-free for the health-conscious. On the flipside, caramelise bite-sized chicken pieces with tangy pineapple slices and fresh green bell peppers for the crunchy Sweet and Sour Chicken, a light but robust side dish that pairs perfectly with rice and steamed vegetables. Hosting a dinner? Dazzle your guests with the Golden Phoenix with Mandarin Sauce, a showstopper that puts your culinary skills to the test. Crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, leave your guests begging for more!

Some of our popular chicken recipes are perfect as standalone dishes, we’re looking at you - Sticky Honey Soy Chicken Wings! And others are made to complement a variety of dishes such as stir-fried vegetables and fresh, fluffy rice. Needless to say, the wholesome chicken does indeed push the needle when it comes to fresh, traditional and fusion cooking.

Versatile, Effortless & Flavorful

Following closely behind the region’s staple food - rice, Asian cuisine doesn’t stop short of famous chicken dishes that are exemplary of cultural significance. From the national favorite Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore to decadent butter chicken curry in India, the fowl makes for one of the most popular meats in the region. In fact, these chicken recipes go exceptionally well with rice! Of course, with our collection of chicken delicacies, it’s just as good on its own. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or experienced in paring knives, there is a chicken recipe for everyone here. As the go-to community for all things Asian cuisine, Asian Food Network boasts a collection of authentic, delectable popular chicken recipes - and you will find one that is up your alley!

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