Asian Chicken Recipes

The versatility and availability of chicken in Asia make it one of the most popular ingredients across the region. The good news is you don't have to travel the region to find all the delicious chicken dishes. Asian Food Network has already gathered for you the most authentic chicken recipes found in Asian cuisines. These include some of the quickest ways to prepare this meat and those that need a little more cooking craft which you can easily learn with us.

Our cookbook of Asian chicken recipes includes those that are quick to make and those that need a little more time. Regardless, you may follow the steps and make them at the comfort of your own kitchen and unleash the Asian chef in you.

Learning how to cook chicken

For some, cooking chicken might be a difficult task, especially when you need to make sure that the meat is fully cooked through. Different cultures have their unique and traditional methods of cooking chicken, but generally, the techniques can be narrowed down to a standard few:

1.     Stir-frying

2.     Pan-frying

3.     Grilling/barbequing

4.     Roasting/baking

In Asia, chicken can be found in every culture – from Hainanese Chicken Rice to Ayam Balado, you will find interesting preparation and cooking techniques across cultures. Our Asian chicken recipes adopt traditional cooking methods unique to the Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnicities. The trick is to master these various techniques which you can do so with our easy-to-follow recipes. Our video tutorials are also equally, if not more, helpful.

Chicken recipes for everyone

Whether you are looking for quick chicken recipes or one that requires a high level of culinary mastery, you will be able to find the right recipe below. Avid foodies and cooks have already given our chicken dishes their stamp of approval, which one is your new favorite?

Whip up some vegetable sides to accompany your chicken dishes!

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