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Missing Thailand, missing Thai food? Well, let's take a virtual trip back, first to Bangkok's bursting food scene. How about tucking into the capital's famous sizzling basil chicken stir-fry, or Krapow Gai? Or, we could go North to Chiang Mai and slurp on the deep curried layers of its signature beef noodles? Of course, fruits are always in season in Thailand, and you'll want to make a sweet sunny surprise - perhaps some delightful Thai bananas in coconut milk?

Well, with a pestle and mortar, lemongrass and fish sauce, Michelin-starred Chef Ton takes you into Thailand to cook them all - the fresh and flavourful, bright and cheerful food of the country. Scroll down to watch, save and print all the recipes.


Panang Curry with Grouper Fish

Panang curry is a thick, red, nutty Thai curry that’s spicy and just sweet enough to slurp on. Here, the curry paste is typically bubbled with coconut milk and palm sugar for a creamy and rough sweetness. And for a zesty, salty side, splash of fish sauce and kaffir leaves are simmered into the mix. This recipe by Thai Michelin-starred chef Ton, shakes things up with just a couple flicks of thick curry and a puree of local sweet corn and onion on slices of soft white grouper, all resting on bed of stir-fried Thai vegetables.

Beef Khao Soi (Beef Curry Noodles)

You’ll find this beef curry noodle stew well-loved by Chiang Mai and neighboring Laos for its full-on-flavor and textural contrasts. There’s both crunch and chew from deep-fried egg noodles and the tangle of thick boiled ones in the same bowl. Bite also into an assortment of complex Thai flavors, including sour lettuce and cool lime on the side - they’re needed to mellow out currents of strong red curry and the brothy beef aroma that hits your tongue. Here, Thai Michelin-starred chef Ton uses wagyu beef slices, which you can switch out for any kind of meat including chicken, pork and regular beef cuts.

Kick Back with Khao Soi: A Crispy, Curried Chiang Mai Stew that Locals Love

The largest city in Northern Thailand is known for its skyline of temples, its blissfully buzzy way of life, and, for Khao Soi - the intense noodle curry that locals love

Kluai Buat Chi (Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk)

A double-act of thai banana chunks sitting in coconut milk make for a lovely, simple dessert. In Thailand, you’ll find this warm after-meal delight at restaurants and roadsides. It’s made simply with a boil of coconut milk, scented with pandan and sweetened with sugar, before pre-boiled bananas are plopped in. Thai Michelin-starred chef Ton makes this magical brew, and offers another way to shake it up, with ice-cream, custard and a crisp pastry

Bananas Meet Coconut Milk in this Sweet-Smelling Thai Dessert

Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk, or Kluai Buat Chi is one of many banana-based desserts that mark the country's lifelong love-affair with the local yellow fruit

Krapow Gai (Thai Basil Chicken)

You smell it in nearly every street in Bangkok – the Krapow Gai, or Basil Chicken Rice is an irresistibly hot and herby Thai one-plate. It’s chock full of Thai herbs such as chili padi, lemongrass, sharp garlic and a special type of basil called holy basil - a hot, peppery purplish veined variant that gives this rice dish its punchy heat. Besides chicken, there’s also beef, pork, seafood and a dizzying number of ingredients you can select from. Here, time is spent more on prepping and pounding the aromatics. Then, a quick stir-fry is all that’s needed for a dish you can tuck into any time of day. Now Thai Michelin-starred chef Ton uses a raw egg for his modern spin on the traditional sunny side-up in this dish..

What Makes Thailand’s World-Famous Pad Krapow so Craveable?

There's a special herb that makes the widely-eaten Basil Meat Rice a one-plate wonder, with as many as 15 different variations of it, and some say even more

On the same night, tune into AFN on TV and be transported into the country. Follow local guides and celebrity chefs as they eat, cook and travel their way through Thailand's bursting food scene, in a spread of nine delicious shows every Thursday starting 13 August 9pm BKK/JKT, or 10pm SGT/HKT. 

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