Lip-smacking Asian Fish Recipes

Fish is a versatile seafood ingredient found in many Asian cultures. From fried sea bass to steamed cod, you can whip up some amazing home-cooked meals with the simplest ingredients. Our cookbook of Asian fish recipes will suit those who are still learning how to cook fish to those who are excellent chefs and want to explore more!

Choosing high-quality fish

For making the best out of our fish recipes, we recommend choosing the freshest whole fish out of the lot. To do so, you must do a few checks:

1.       Eyes – Good quality fish have crystal-clear, shiny and plump eyes. Fish with cloudy shrivelled eyes means that it is unhealthy or has not been handled properly from the moment it was taken out of the water.

2.       Fins – If the fish’s tail and dorsal fins are wet and intact, it is considered healthy. You should avoid fish with dry, brittle or ragged fins.

3.       Flesh – A fresh and good-quality fish will feel cold, wet and slippery when touched. It should not feel sticky. Upon pressing into the flesh, it should spring back to the natural shape. If the indent remains, it means that the meat has softened and should not be purchased.

4.       Gills – Typically, gills turn dark brown or black over time, and will become slimy and sticky. This reduces the quality of the fish. If the gills are bright red (brightest when first caught), they are considered fresher. They should also be clean and cold.

5.       Scales – Fresh fish have shiny and firm. If the scales shed when you run your hand over them or appear dry or flaky, they are not considered as fresh.

Our Asian fish recipes also use fillet or butchered fish. When purchasing packages of these, look out for cracks and also any pooling of water. The color of the fish is also a good indication of its quality. Fresh cod, halibut and other types of white fish ideally appear fairly translucent while darker counterparts like tuna and salmon should be saturated in color.

Easy-to-follow fish recipes

Whether you are looking for grilled or baked fish recipes, you will be able to find a good cooking guide below.

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