Healthy Eats

Beat the flu season with recipes that aims to boost immunity and get your back into shape and we get you, it's not easy to keep a clean, healthy diet when there's so many good food options around. But eating healthy is just as delicious with the right recipes.

Whether you are craving for a healthy and hearty soup to fight off the flu or a quick stir-fry dish for a fast and easy meal, we have a whole selection of healthy recipes that guarantee to keep you on your health streak and allows you to still feast like a king without compromising on flavours and taste.

We know it is not easy when you enjoy desserts and want to keep fit at the same time , we have got guilt-free desserts like Peanut Butter Flaxseed energy balls to keep your energy up and healthy traditional desserts like our Snow Fungus Dessert to indulge your inner sweet tooth. 


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The Health Guide

Start eating right with 'The Health Guide' where we will bring you through a series of articles, whether it is about specific ingredients and their benefits or the ever popular keto diet, get ready to immerse yourself in some of our healthy recipes that are easy and delicious. And best of all, these recipes are perfect for meal prepping for the week ahead. 

7 Makanan Esensial untuk Membuat Segala Resep Ramah Diet

Sekarang kamu bisa makan kue kamu dan tetap bugar dengan 7 bahan dasar untuk membuat resep apapun yang ramah diet. Stevia, pemanis alami populer menggantikan gula, sementara chia cocoa dan ikan berlemak hanyalah beberapa makanan kaya nutrisi yang menyehatkan jantung. Jadi, jilat sendok kamu sampai bersih, karena kamu tahu kamu dapat memiliki kue dan memakannya juga.

Hearty Soups All Year Round

Soups comfort the soul, spread warmth on cold days, and are one of the best things to drink when you are down with the flu. Healthy, hearty soups that do just the job to make you feel at your best every day. Here are  10 Of Our Most Comforting Soups of All Time to rotate thru the week.

All The Protein You Need: Eggs

With so many ways to make eggs, you can cook up at least 100 different recipes with just eggs.  Whethere you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached or in a soup,  we have it all. One of our favourites to pair with porridge is the tasty Pickled Radish Omelette, & if you're an egg connossieur, try your hand with our delicious Triple Steamed Egg recipe that incorporates three different kinds of eggs in one umami packed dish. 

Stir-Fry Goodness

One of the simplest methods of cooking that brings up the most flavour, stir frys make for a quick and simple meal that you can whip up under half an hour. It also brings a smoky, 'charred' flavour to the dish, which is the reason why so many people fall in love with achieveing 'wok hei' . We highly recommend trying our tasty Shrimp Lo Mein  and our Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry recipe to start your stir-fry journey.


Veggies For Everybody

Start off your meal with our Asian Lime Edamame, a healthy appetiser and snack that's so delicious and so addictive. Then add a little spice into your life with our Kang Kong Sambal Belacan dish. Or if you're feeling for a whole meal, try our Japchae, stir fry sweet potato noodles that soaks up gravy achieving a full robust  flavour that is both very healthy and very tasty.

On the Keto

Keto, the up and coming diet trend in recent years and a fan favourite for all the health enthusiasts out there. Indulge in our Keto Braised Pork Belly, complete with some fluffy Keto bun, or our delicious Keto Chicken Rice, yes, you heard that right, Keto Chicken Rice.  And we're just getting started - explore our amazing Asian Keto recipes, courtesty of Ketonian, Janti Brasali

Guilt-Free Desserts

Healthy desserts make life a little sweeter when you're on a diet. We've got just the desserts for you, from Keto-friendly desserts to Traditional chinese desserts that tastes just like how your grandmother used to make it,  try some of our best favourite asian desserts here

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