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Beat the flu season with recipes that aims to boost immunity and get your back into shape and we get you, it's not easy to keep a clean, healthy diet when there's so many good food options around. But eating healthy is just as delicious with the right recipes.

Whether you are craving for a healthy and hearty soup to fight off the flu or a quick stir-fry dish for a fast and easy meal, we have a whole selection of healthy recipes that guarantee to keep you on your health streak and allows you to still feast like a king without compromising on flavours and taste.

We know it is not easy when you enjoy desserts and want to keep fit at the same time , we have got guilt-free desserts like Peanut Butter Flaxseed energy balls to keep your energy up and healthy traditional desserts like our Snow Fungus Dessert to indulge your inner sweet tooth. 


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The Health Guide

Start eating right with 'The Health Guide' where we will bring you through a series of articles, whether it is about specific ingredients and their benefits or the ever popular keto diet, get ready to immerse yourself in some of our healthy recipes that are easy and delicious. And best of all, these recipes are perfect for meal prepping for the week ahead. 


Powerful Immunity-Boosting Foods for Flu-Free Days

What you put on your plate is important in keeping you strong and healthy, especially in flu season. From green veg to ginger and garlic, we've got some powerfully simple foods to keep your immunity strong and functioning well to ward off colds and flus. It's time for a grocery trip!

11 Easy Tips For Healthier Meals

Trust me, eating healthier meals can be easy. More so, if you're cooking at home. That's because it's one of the best things you can do to get healthy- you're in full control of what goes into your food, and how you prepare it, and that's most important. So don't simply give up your indulgences or stick to the same ‘clean’ foods. There are many ways to tweak your favourite recipes to make them more nutritious for your everyday diet- here are my 11 Easy Tips For Healthier Meals.

7 Essential Foods to Make Any Recipe Diet-Friendly

Now you can eat your cake and still stay in shape with 7 essential foods to make any recipe diet-friendly. Stevia, a popular all-natural sweetener replaces sugar, while chia cocoa and fatty fish are just some superfoods that send a big hug to the heart. So lick your spoon clean, because you know you can have your cake and eat it too.

Hearty Soups All Year Round

Soups comfort the soul, spread warmth on cold days, and are one of the best things to drink when you are down with the flu. Healthy, hearty soups that do just the job to make you feel at your best every day. Here are  10 Of Our Most Comforting Soups of All Time to rotate thru the week.

Under 60 mins

ABC Soup

As simple as ABC, with the vitamins to back it up, the base of ABC Soup consists of pork/chicken ribs, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes. To cook it, all you need is a big soup pot, lots of water, and an hour or so for the ingredients to simmer! Here’s an interesting fact -it is affectionately known as the leftover soup because you are free to add in any leftover vegetables at hand without ruining its taste.

Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup

Yes, you read that right -Soup made from apple and pear! Originating from China, the Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup is rumoured to be nourishing for your throat and lungs, andhave anti-aging properties. There is some prep work involved, and some time is required for the soup to be simmered to perfection but it is well worth the effort!

Chinese Spinach Soup

Looking for a quick, healthy fix? The humble yet tasty Chinese Spinach Soup is here to the rescue! A combination of the simplest of ingredients –the Chinese spinach, dried ikan bilis(dried anchovies), garlic and eggs, this soup takes about 30 minutes to make from start to finish. For added sweetness, throw in a handful of wolfberries! Serve hot with rice for a complete meal.

Lotus Root Soup

A light Chinese soup eaten anytime and especially at Chinese New Year. Sip slowly the fat-infused chicken soup naturally sweetened with lotus root and big soft peanuts for a nutty, silky finish in between swirling herbal garlic and ginger bits.

Tomato Egg Drop Soup

Both sweet and sour, the Tomato Egg Drop Soup is a dish that will whet one’s appetite. Hailing from China, this dish is incredibly easy to prepare, with no special herbs or special techniques other than swirling in of the egg whites to create the egg strands. A truly versatile dish, you can have it as an appetizer, a side dish or even a light meal.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Jam-packed with nutritious goodness, the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang) is said to be the perfect summer dish fight the heat. The chicken is lovingly stuffed with soaked glutinous rice and gently simmered with garlic, ginger, and the super-herb of Asian cuisine, ginseng, said to aid in boosting energy and the immune system. Serve piping hot with rice, chopped scallions, salt and pepper on the side!

Watercress & Pork Ribs Soup

Said to improve the health of lungs, upper respiratory tract and lower blood pressure, the Watercress and Pork Ribs soup is a popular Chinese dish that requires minimal effort to prepare. The easiest way to cook this soup with some pork ribs, salt and watercress but here we recommend some additional items such as wolfberries and dates to give it a sweeter flavor. Best served warm with a bowl of rice and some dark soy sauce for dipping!

All The Protein You Need: Eggs

With so many ways to make eggs, you can cook up at least 100 different recipes with just eggs.  Whethere you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached or in a soup,  we have it all. One of our favourites to pair with porridge is the tasty Pickled Radish Omelette, & if you're an egg connossieur, try your hand with our delicious Triple Steamed Egg recipe that incorporates three different kinds of eggs in one umami packed dish. 


Chinese Style Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

This comforting dish of scrambled eggs features the natural sweetness of bright red tomatoes and is an easy-to-make side dish for any dinner table!

Triple Steamed Eggs

Get adventurous with 3 different types of eggs that elevates this dish. This light and fluffy steamed egg is your next go-to recipe!

Silky Steamed Eggs

Silky Steamed Egg is a very homely Chinese dish that can be seen eating at home and even at restaurants. There are only three main ingredients, namely, egg, chicken stock, and water. Yes, it is that simple and easy to make steamed egg! Season it with sesame oil, salt, shallots, and spring onion before steaming it, and this dish is ready to be served. Remember to strain the egg mixture to get that glassy surface on your steamed egg!

Pickled Radish Omelette

A big fan of omelettes? Then the Preserved Radish Omelette is a must-try dish for you. Originating from China but also favoured in Singapore and Malaysia, the Preserved Radish Omelette (or as it is affectionately known - Chai Poh Neng) is the trifecta of side dishes – requires few ingredients, easy to make and a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Eat it simply with a bowl of rice or porridge, or with a variety of side dishes.

Stir-Fry Goodness

One of the simplest methods of cooking that brings up the most flavour, stir frys make for a quick and simple meal that you can whip up under half an hour. It also brings a smoky, 'charred' flavour to the dish, which is the reason why so many people fall in love with achieveing 'wok hei' . We highly recommend trying our tasty Shrimp Lo Mein  and our Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry recipe to start your stir-fry journey.



Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

Easy peasy and an absolute pleasure to eat –the beef and broccoli stir-fry! Found in quite possibly every Chinese restaurant, this savory dish is at its best when the beef is sliced against the grain and allowed to sit in the marinate. And the icing on the cake? It uses the simplest of ingredients found in any kitchen, such as ginger, soy sauce, and oyster sauce.

Prawns & Vegetable Stir Fry

Looking for a staple meal for weekday dinners? Look no further because the prawns and vegetable stir-fry isa quick and healthy dish that will satisfy little (and big) bellies alike. The garlic and variety of vegetables gives this dish its fragrance, and the prawn, its subtle sweetness. Here’s a tip –chop the broccoli small or steam it a little before frying so that it will have the same crunch as the other vegetables. Serve with a bowl of rice for a complete meal.

Vietnamese Shrimps and Glass Noodles

Fresh and fabulous, the Vietnamese Shrimps and Glass Noodles Salad is a dish that will add some flair into your regular food roster. Quintessentially Vietnamese, this recipe is wonderfully textured and has layers of flavors, thanks to the use of fresh herbs and vegetables, with sprinkles of calamansi juice and fish sauce. One of the best things about this dish? You can make it in advance and refrigerated for later!

Tofu with Minced Meat and Prawns

A simple, hearty and healthy dish of fresh tofu generously topped with minced meat and mushrooms.

Veggies For Everybody

Start off your meal with our Asian Lime Edamame, a healthy appetiser and snack that's so delicious and so addictive. Then add a little spice into your life with our Kang Kong Sambal Belacan dish. Or if you're feeling for a whole meal, try our Japchae, stir fry sweet potato noodles that soaks up gravy achieving a full robust  flavour that is both very healthy and very tasty.


Kang Kong Sambal Belacan

Fancy a little spice on your dinner table? Try this mouthwatering kang kong sambal belacan and you will not be disappointed!

Make Every Day Festive with Korean Glass Noodles (Japchae)

The literal translation of Japchae, mixed vegetables, is quite misleading because the main ingredient of this dish is the Korean sweet potato starch noodles, also known as glass noodles. This dish is a must-have for the Korean festive holidays (like New Year’s Day or the Harvest festival), probably because of its celebratory colours derived from the strips of carrots, bell peppers, spinach, cucumbers and mushrooms. The secret to success? Finding the right balance between soy sauce and sugar!

Asian Lime Edamame

The perfect appetizer for a dinner party, the Asian Lime Edamame will have you unabashedly licking your fingers. It is savory and salty, piquant and aromatic due to the simple combination of salt, honey, soy sauce and lime juice. Quick tip: it is a great healthy snack because it contains low cholesterol and are an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium!

On the Keto

Keto, the up and coming diet trend in recent years and a fan favourite for all the health enthusiasts out there. Indulge in our Keto Braised Pork Belly, complete with some fluffy Keto bun, or our delicious Keto Chicken Rice, yes, you heard that right, Keto Chicken Rice.  And we're just getting started - explore our amazing Asian Keto recipes, courtesty of Ketonian, Janti Brasali


Keto Cauliflower Chicken Rice

On Keto but love chicken rice? Now, replace your rice with keto-friendly cauliflower. It’s a great substitute for carb-heavy rice. You get the same garlicky, fat-infused chicken flavour mixed thoroughly into creamy crumbed up cauliflower. Trust me, this is a winning keto chicken “rice” recipe that rivals Singapore’s top hawker food.

Keto Popiah

The favourite Singaporean street-food is now keto! Swap high-carb wheat flour in popiah skin with an egg skin. Add on bamboo shoots and sparingly, Chinese sausage (watch your carb count), and pop the piece in your mouth. It’s so good that we say this one’s a recipe for all popiah lovers.

Keto Braised Pork Belly

When a good Filipino friend of mine asked me to try adobo my first thought was it’s just a stew. Each country has their own version of traditional stew, so I decided to give it a try –and I was impressed. The complexity of the flavours in adobo was intriguing. It has a pleasant tinge of sour that is very distinct. I was sold.

Keto Peanut Soup

Peanut Soup is probably the most iconic Chinese New Year dessert. It has always been a crowd-favourite, and now -ketogenic. Simply add sugar substitute Swerve for a sweeter taste, and xanthan gum to give it a lusciously thick and smooth texture. One bowl won’t be enough.

Laksa Shirataki Fried Noodles

It's still laksa alright. You slurp through a rich bowl of noodles endlessly coated in coconut-milk, sambal, and lingering onion, garlic and lemongrass flavours. And still more. Fresh scallops and shrimps fried to infuse its appetite-opening umami-ness into everything. For the keto-friendly ones, your life-saver is low-caloric shirataki noodles. The extra chewy konjac yam noodles replaces traditional wheat or rice noodles used in this street-food favourite of Malaysia and Singapore.
Under 60 mins

Keto Chicken Meatball Shirataki Noodles

Noodles are typically eaten to represent good fortune and prosperity during Chinese New Year. But that’s hard to do while you’re on Keto, so simply replace high-carb noodles with keto-friendly shirataki ones. Make your own meatballs too using friendly-fats in chicken thigh, and join in the meal with your noodle-loving family.

Guilt-Free Desserts

Healthy desserts make life a little sweeter when you're on a diet. We've got just the desserts for you, from Keto-friendly desserts to Traditional chinese desserts that tastes just like how your grandmother used to make it,  try some of our best favourite asian desserts here


Snow Fungus Dessert

Snow fungus contains dietary fibers that helps to lower cholesterol in the foods that we eat but also control the sugar absorption. It basically acts like a filter for your body. It also makes you even more beautiful by replenishing the collagen that we need to make our skin nice and bouncy.

Keto Peanut Soup

Peanut Soup is probably the most iconic Chinese New Year dessert. It has always been a crowd-favourite, and now -ketogenic. Simply add sugar substitute Swerve for a sweeter taste, and xanthan gum to give it a lusciously thick and smooth texture. One bowl won’t be enough.

Steamed Ginger Milk Pudding

Guaranteed to make you fall “love-in-first-sight/smell/taste” is the Ginger Steamed Milk. Made predominantly of egg white and milk custard, and infused with the pungent flavor of ginger, this silky white pudding is the perfect summer dessert, served chilled, after a heavy meal! Fun fact: Ginger is known to be good for blood circulation and digestion.

Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding

A delightful, spongey keto bread pudding recipe you will love anytime, especially at Christmas. A sweet mix of brown sugar swervere places sugar, and is dusted into a spiced mix of cinnamon and nutmeg that’s all swirled with semi-sweet chocolate chip, raspberries and rich buttery cream.

Avocado Gula Melaka Smoothie

Avocado is the fruit of the millennials and we often see it on toast or in a hearty salad. Well, it is time for an upgrade, here is a tasty smoothie version that is buttery and sweet with a deep caramel flavour coming from the gula melaka. Let's also not forget that this delicious smoothie is packed with vitamins and antioxidant. We do warn you, this is highly addictive, you might find yourself slurping your first glass of this fast and asking for seconds.

Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache

A bright, light and sweet citrus cake that infuses the air with the inviting scent of tangerines -the fruit that symbolises Chinese New Year. Spread smooth on top is a thick rich layer of melted vegan chocolate ganache for extra pleasure. For a gluten-free alternative, use almond or coconut flour instead.

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