Indian Food Recipes for The Home Chef

Indian food Is one of the most flavorful cuisines you can find. Packed with a myriad of spices, each Indian dish is a result of a careful choice of ingredients to perfect the flavor in every bite. It does not necessarily need to be spicy – the trick lies in a balance of tastes and textures. While this may sound challenging, it is rather, on the contrary. As long as you follow the recipes in detail, you can whip up some wonderful delicacies from this palatably vibrant South Asian country.

Indian cuisine – from dinner recipes to sweet treats

Apart from popular curries and meats such as butter chicken and fish curry, Indian cuisine is also known for its variety of healthy vegetarian dishes. The Indians know too well how to make the best with the greens they have got, and the diversity in the nation’s culinary feast is made possible with dozens of cultural cooking techniques across more than 20 states.

If you want to relish in diversity, we reckon you should dig into our Indian food recipes from different cultures to understand the nation and its cuisine as a whole.

How to cook Indian food – the secret

Before learning how to cook Indian food, whether for a dinner feast or a sweet surprise you’ve been wanting to give a try, prepare the five most essential spices you would find in any Indian household. They are:

  1. Jeera (cumin) – for a nutty and smoky note to the palate
  2. Haldi (turmeric) – gives dishes their distinct yellow hue while being known for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
  3. Dhania (coriander) – for a woody and aromatic flavor
  4. Sarson ke beej (mustard seeds) – offers a sharp hot kick and a nutty texture
  5. Garam masala (hot spice powder) – a blend of different spices that completes every Indian dish

Cook flavorful dishes at home with easy Indian recipes

Here are some authentic Indian dishes for you to recreate in your own kitchen. Whether you are looking for Indian dinner recipes or sweet delicacies for desserts, you will find the best fit from our cookbook. Browse Indian recipes below!

Speaking of desserts, have you check out our recipes to our well-loved Asian sweet treats like Gula Melaka and Mango Sticky Rice?

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