Korean Food Recipes to Try

Korean pop culture has been dominating international entertainment, fashion and even food! When it comes to Korean food, there is a lot more to indulge in besides kimchi fried riceginseng chicken soup and army stew

Instead of going to a restaurant to get your Korean food fix, why not just cook it on your own? After all, cooking is an experience in itself!

While there are numerous Korean restaurants littered across the globe, preparing a Korean dish on your own could help you enjoy a more authentic and all-encompassing experience. From shopping for ingredients, prepping them, putting a dish together and eating it, the kitchen is a gateway to culture and heritage. 

Luckily for you, we have a full collection of Korean food recipes for all meals of the day. Furthermore, our collection incorporates more than just the usual dishes. You can try your hand at hotteok and seafood pancake.

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Top 3 Easiest Korean Dishes 

One might think that Korean dishes are difficult to pull off especially when there are a lot of ingredients and prep work involved. If you have just started cooking and you want to stick to some safe and tasty Korean recipes, we have handpicked 3 for you to start with.

  1. Marinated Eggs in Soy Broth: a delicate snack or side dish, these eggs are best enjoyed with white rice. They are packed with protein and oh-so-delicious umami flavour.
  2. Japchae: this dish is often served at Korean festivals. The secret to nailing this dish is to find the perfect balance of sweet & salty flavours.
  3. Kimchi Pumpkin Mac & Cheese: if you have always eaten your mac & cheese with tons of spicy sauce, perhaps you could give this recipe a go! Sweet, savoury and spicy, this dish is perfect for people who love spicy food.

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