Sarah's Gastronomic Guide

From Japanese-inspired mee pok, to a locally sourced farm-style cafe in Singapore - foodie influencer Sarah Benjamin shows us that there's much to tuck into in our delicious city



Slurp Up Tasty Japanese Ramen Mee Pok at Li Yuan Mee Pok

At this noodle stall, a Japanese salaryman-turned-hawker serves up what he calls Japanese Fusion Mee Pok

Delicious Food, Locally Grown at Open Farm Community

Dining on their produce-driven menu while surrounded by greenery is like a little reset, in the heart of the city

Hawker-Inspired Local Delights at Avenue 87

On delicious Amoy Street, Avenue 87 stands out with its gastronomic locally inspired menu

Celebrating Craft Beer and More at Thirty Six Brewlab

Say hello to a microbrewery and restaurant that celebrates the art of craft beer, as well as the city that brewed up this amazing space

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