Flavors of the Ocean – Asian Seafood Recipes For All

There are many flavors to discover under the sea, whether they are the small shrimps and clams or the hearty lobsters and stingray. Seafood dishes, accompanied with condiments such as rice and noodles, offer a lean source of protein necessary for us to build muscles and bone strength. They also keep our levels of blood cholesterol healthy, which protects us from various kinds of heart disease. Seafood may be prepared differently across cultures – our cookbook of recipes will give you a good head start on Asia’s culinary diversity!

Seafood preparation

Before learning how to cook seafood, you will need to understand how to choose the best from the market. Here are three things to note:

  1. It should be refrigerated on thick ice that is not melting.
  2. It should smell fresh and mild – if it smells fishy, sour or like, as some would say, ammonia, the seafood is spoilt and you must not purchase it.
  3. If you do purchase frozen seafood packages, be sure not to take the packet that is torn or crushed at its edges.

Knowing how to store seafood after purchasing them is equally important. While you may store the seafood in a sealed plastic bag and freeze it, it is best advised to consume the food within two days. To maintain and enjoy the flavors made possible by its freshness however, you should cook and consume the seafood on the same day of purchase. While this may require a little more planning, we assure you that the effort will be worth it. After all, happiness lies in satisfying the tummy!

Seafood dishes for a feast

If you are still learning how to cook seafood, you can choose from our quick and easy Asian seafood recipes below to get started!

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