Beef Pho, or Bun Bo Hue is a very common staple in Vietnam, and widely known throughout the world. It’s easy to enjoy, and just as easy to recreate just like our recipe here. But Vietnamese Cuisine is not just about the Phos and Summer Rolls, it’s so much more. It features five of the fundamental tastes in its cuisine : sweet, salty, bitter, sour and savoury (umami). 

Vietnamese food is simple, and easy and makes use of herbs and vegetables without over complicating the dish. The food is always as fresh as it gets, and meats are very briefly cooked, so you don’t risk overcooking it. Very healthy, non complex ingredients that come together to give you nicely contrasting flavours in your mouth. Instead of wheat, many vietnamese dishes uses rice noodles, rice papers and rice flour, making most of their recipes gluten free. Try out our Vietnamese Shrimp and Glass Noodles recipe for a very tasty, gluten free meal. 

Chillies and spices also make up a big part of Vietnamese cuisine generally differs in the region the foods originate from - e.g. in Northern Vietnam the colder climates means that there’s more limited spices involved, and food is generally less spicy than in other regions of the country.

Fun fact about Vietnamese Cuisine: It’s all about balance - five flavours, five colours, five nutrients, all which corresponds to the five organs. This makes Vietnamese food very diverse and colourful - like this colourful Banh Xeo recipe here. And it’s all about the textures harmonising with the flavours, crispy skin soft meat on the inside, contrasting flavours.

Popular foods in Vietnamese Cuisine also include Nem Nuong - which is essentially Vietnamese Grilled Sausage/Pork. It can come in the form of a ball, or long skewers of it. Smoky, garlicky flavours that makes this a must try in Vietnamese cuisine, and a very addictive taste where you can’t have just one. We show you how to make it here.

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