Wow! Philippines: Chicken Relleno

Dec 7, 2019

When the Philippines celebrates Christmas, they cannot go without the Chicken Relleno. A golden crispy chicken that’s first deboned then stuffed with a blend of lip-smacking meat and sweet fruits like raisins. Served cold or hot, it’s delicious all year-round, especially at Christmas at the trendy city of Makati’s Romulo Café.

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  What's up, guys? Manila Matthias, the PHooddude, here in the city of Makatti, which is in Manila. I'm here at the Romulo Cafe to find my favorite Christmas specialty. It's called chicken relleno. Guess what? It's been Christmas since September. The Philippines has the longest Christmas in the world. Anyhow, let's try the chicken relleno.

So here, the first thing that our trusty chef must do is completely debone the entire chicken. All of the bones. After the chicken has been entirely deboned, the forcemeat is stuffed into every single cavity of the chicken. Basically, a forcemeat as a puree that is including chicken, pork, raisins, peas, sometimes eggs, sometimes liver pate, sometimes even olives, sausages or hot dogs.

Here we have the drippings from the roast, and look, guys, let's just dig in. I can't wait to try this. The beauty with the chicken relleno is you could serve it room temperature. You can even serve it cold. You could serve it warm. But no matter how you have it, it's always delicious. Mm, mm. This is delicious. I can taste a little bit of sweetness coming from, what I think, is a grape. There's peas that have this nice texture that pop in your mouth. You can tell that it's not only chicken, the flavor has a little bit of the saltiness from the pork. It's a wrap, guys. PHooddude out. That's some good food, dude.

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