Starting the Weekend with Something Sweet

H’all, Bangalore is heating up to 41 degrees and I have no desire to eat.Only food that I love to have is ice cream or porridge.Today I prepared suji halwa, an indian delicacy prepared specially during navratri. Its a 10min recipe so even if you’re feeling lazy to step into your hot kitchen its not too much to do.


Lets go over the ingredients so that you can get started

  • Suji/Rava(1 bowl)- I am using pre-roasted suji
  • Sugar(1 bowl)
  • Ghee(1 bowl)
  • Water(3 bowl) if sufi is bigger in size then 4 bowl
  • Cardamom
  • Dry Fruits-almond,raisins,figs,cashews,pistachios




  1. Start by taking a wok on low-medium heat and add ghee
  2. Add suji and let it sauté and cook for good 5min till it turns golden brown
  3. Let the mix cool and add water stirring continuously to avoid sticking
  4. Suji will absorb water and the whole mi with together  to be of pasty consistency
  5. When the mix starts to leave the wok and doesn’t stick add sugar and cardamon
  6. Add dry fruits of your choice and cook for another 2 min
  7. Serve Hot and garnish with roasted almond and silver foil



Hope you enjoyed reading, do try out the recipe and share comments, pictures what have you 🙂 Happy Weekending !

Much Love




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