About a New Biryani Joint in Town : ‘ReadyBowl’

I have very strong feelings for food and belong to the category of people who don’t eat to live but live.I try out all kinds of food  that Bangalore has to offer, specially because its a budding ground for entrepreneurs and you get to taste the best of food without burning a whole in your pocket.


I recently tried biryani from ‘ready bowl’ a food startup that started in September 2015 and has been going quite well so on.I was so impressed by the flavours and the natural tasting home spice that I  spoke to the founder.I got a chance to go down to the smaller kitchen in Bellandur and offer my thanks to the chef.Although there are only 2 kitchens for now the cleanliness and freshness of food is commendable.The founder specifies that they do not keep a fridge and which I saw from my own eyes except for a small one to prevent curd from getting sour.This enables them to keep fresh and buy only once an order arrives.The beauty of the place was that the chef was incredibly down to earth and so ready for feedback.

They treat their customers as kings because even if there is a dish not available on the menu they will get it specially made for you.This is a feature I haven’t seen in any biryani outlets.I will be sharing my personal story and a few more images after visiting the main kitchen in bommanhalli so that it gives an insiders look into the food that is served to you. Moto and Vision of Ready bowl is to serve -Mouth watering home-cooked style non vegetarian food from all over India at a reasonable price.

I am going to be playing the devil’s advocate here because no matter what serving food is a very noble profession and nothing can be compromised-freshness,taste,natural ingredients.I tasted the biryani and the best part of it was the medley of spices and the fact that I could not only taste the biryani but actually experience it with the the 5 senses was incredible.The spices are tempered and bought from the native and hence they are very fresh.

(to be continued …)

Much Love



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