Cookies Policy

Last Updated: 29 November 2019

We are Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd registered in Singapore with company number 201117439N whose registered office is at 21 Media Circle #08-01 Infinite Studios, S(138562), Singapore.

We operate the Asian Food Network (“AFN”) website which provides a range of free content services (the "Services"). Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use information from and about you when you visit the Services, create an account with us, or otherwise interact with us. This Cookies Policy explains more about how we and our service providers use cookies and similar technologies and your choices concerning them. By continuing to use the Services, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies that you do not disable.


Like many companies, we use cookies and other tracking technologies to ensure you get the best from the Services. Below are some examples of the types of tracking technologies that may be used, depending on how you access and interact with the Services.


“Cookies” are small text files from a website that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device. Cookies generally contain information that is associated with your web browser, information such as website preferences, login information, or a user ID. This information enables online services to recognize you as you interact with or revisit the Services.

Other tracking technologies

Like other online services and mobile applications, we use both cookies and other technologies such as web beacons/GIFs, pixels, page tags, embedded scripts and other tracking technologies. These technologies consist of small transparent image files or other web programming code that record how you interact with the Services. They are often used in conjunction with web browser cookies or other identifiers associated with your device. Below is a more detailed description of some of these other types of tracking technologies we use on the Services:

  • Pixels are small images on a web page or in an e-mail. Pixels collect information about your browser or device and can set cookies.
  • Local storage allows data to be stored locally on your browser or device and includes HTML5 local storage and browser cache.


We and our service providers may use cookies and tracking technologies when you interact with the Services for a variety of reasons, as described in detail below:

Strictly Necessary 


    We use cookies and other tracking technologies for system administration, to monitor traffic and prevent fraudulent activity, to improve the security of the Services and to provide the basic functionality of the Services such as creating and logging into your account and utilizing essential features of the Services.


    We use cookies and other tracking technologies to tell us whether you have visited the Services before and to make the Services easier to use, including remembering your preferences and settings.

    Analytics and Performance

    We use cookies and other tracking technologies to assess the performance of the Services, to count visitors to the Services, and to monitor how users navigate and use the Services, in order to improve the performance of, and content offered through, the Services.


    We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to deliver customized content and “first-party” marketing (i.e. marketing from AFN) based on how you interact with the Services.


    We may use cookies to record your use of the Services, the pages you have visited and the links you have followed. We will use this information to make the Services and the advertising displayed on it more relevant to your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose.


    The table below details the types of cookies used on the AFN services:

    Cookie name(s) Provider Purpose of cookie(s)
    Examples include:
    • NID
    • SID
    • HSID
    • Ibcs
    • IDE
    • DSID
    • FLC
    • AID
    • TAID
    • '__gads'
    • '__gac'
    • '__glc'
    • 'recently_watched_video_id_list'
    • '__ga'
    • '___gat_UA-147069375-2'
    • '__gid'

    Cookies from this provider are used for:

    • remembering your preferences;
    • security to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and product user data from unauthorized parties;
    • processes to make the website work and deliver services that the website visitor expects;
    • making advertising more engaging to user;
    • ‘session state’ to collect information about how users interact with the Services;
    • analytics that help us to understand how visitors engage with the Services.
    Examples include:
    • apiDomain_<apiKey>
    • gig_hasGmid
    • gmid
    • ucid
    Cookies from this provider are used for:
    • user registration;
    • user login;
    • user authentication;
    • user comments;
    • sharing on social media;
    • ratings;
    • reviews posting.
    Examples include:
    • NREUM
    • login_idle_session_timeout
    New Relic
    Cookies from this provider are used for:
    • monitor session counts;
    • aggregate end user metrics;
    • monitor page load times and performance of the Services from a front-end perspective.


    The Services use several types of cookies including: 

    • Session cookies: Session cookies are created temporarily in your browser's subfolder while you are visiting a website and are automatically deleted when you leave the website.

    • Persistent cookies: In contrast to session cookies, persistent cookies are re-activated when you return to the same website, and remain in your browser's subfolder until they expire (usually after 12 months).

    • Secure cookies: Secure cookies are a type of cookie which is transmitted over encrypted HTTP connection. When setting the cookie, the Secure attribute instructs the browser that the cookie should only be returned to the application over encrypted connections.

    • Third-party cookies: A third-party cookie is one that is placed on your hard drive by a website from a domain other than the one you are visiting (e.g. when the website features content, such as ads, from a third-party domain). Third-party cookies are set so that a site can remember something about you at a later time. These cookies are set by third-parties and we do not control how they are set.

    • SameSite cookies: SameSite cookies allow servers to assert that a cookie ought not to be sent along with cross-site requests, which provides some protection against cross-site request forgery attacks. SameSite cookies may not be supported by all browsers. 


    You can allow and deactivate cookies/trackers or exercise your choices regarding how IAB Transparency & Consent Framework participants may collect or use your data via our cookie preference centre available through the “Manage Preferences” button above. Please note that blocking all cookies can render some of the Services unavailable to you or have a negative effect on the performance, efficiency or customisation of the Services.

    Please note that Discovery participates in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework and complies with its policies and specifications. Discovery uses the Consent Management Platform with the identification number 28.

    You can also control how cookies/trackers are set on your device by using your browser settings and, in some cases, the settings on your mobile device. 

    Browser settings

    You can authorize, refuse or disable website cookies by changing your browser settings. If you disable a cookie already installed on your device or browser, it will not be active any more, but it will not disappear from your device or browser until the end of its lifespan. Please note that blocking all cookies can render some of the Services unavailable to you or have a negative effect on the performance, efficiency or customization of the Services.

    Each browser is configured differently. You should follow the instructions given by the publisher of your browser. If you use different devices, make sure you configure the settings of the corresponding browser according to your preferences. 

    Social media log-in

    The privacy policies of social networks should allow you to exercise your choices regarding cookies, typically by configuring your user account settings on each such network. 

    Mobile device settings

    Your mobile device may provide settings that allow you to express the choice not to have information about your use of mobile ads used for interest-based advertising purposes. On your iOS device, this is called “Limit Ad Tracking,” and on your Android device, it is called “Opt out of Ads Personalisation” or “Opt out of interest-based ads.” 

    To find out more about cookies

    You can obtain more information on how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage them by visiting and


    If you have any queries relating to this Cookies Policy please contact our Privacy Office and Grievance Officer at

    We may change and update our list of cookies (or similar technologies) from time to time. The most up to date version is published on the Services. We recommend that you periodically read this Cookies Policy. If we make major changes to this Cookies Policy, we will take additional steps to ensure you are informed of such changes.


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