Passionate about Thai dishes and desserts? Asian Food Network is here to make them easier, quicker, while keeping them authentic. Our recipes come from passionate foodies in Thailand, as well as across Asia, and are used by our community of passionate foodies. Step-by-step instructions, photos, and videos make following along simple no matter where in the world you are from. Key dietary information is highlighted, so spend less time preparing and more time sharing authentic, easy, quick Thai cuisine with the ones you care about. Have you eaten?

Thai Food Recipes for Home Cooks

Thanks to globalization, you can find Thai restaurants serving up well-known favourites like tom yam goong, som tamgreen curry and pineapple fried rice littered all across the globe.

Characterized by strong aromatic components with a spicy edge, traditional Thai cooking falls into four broad categories:

  1. Tom - boiled dishes
  2. Yam - spicy salads
  3. Tam - pounded foods
  4. Gaeng - curries 

While finding delectable Thai food is as easy as pie thanks to the vast number of Thai restaurants across the globe, why not whip up your own Thai feast?

No doubt cooking at home might require more effort on your part but cooking Thai cuisine lets you experience Thai culture with food as a portal to tradition and heritage. 

We have a full range of Thai food recipes on our website. Browse today!

H2 Top 3 Thai Dishes Ranked Accordingly to Spiciness 

It is easy to be intimidated by the number of spices and chillies used in Thai cuisine. But there are dishes which are suitable for individuals who have low spice tolerance and still taste absolutely mouth-watering. Here are 3 Thai dishes ranked from mild to monster hot spice. 

(1) Thai Pork Dumplings: if you cannot tolerate spice, this dish is for you! There are absolutely no chillies in this recipe. 

(2) Chicken & Eggplant Green Curry: believe it or not, green curry is not as spicy as one would expect. The chillies and spiciness are masked by other flavours from fish sauce and coconut milk. 

(3) Thai Mango Salad (Som Thai): Thai mango salad might be a refreshing starter but it is packed with spicy flavours from chilli padi. If you want to reduce the spiciness, feel free to lower the amount of chilli padi.

Complete Your Meal with a Drink

To get a truly authentic Thai experience, why not make some Thai Milk Tea?

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