Gok Wan's Easy Asian

This new Gok Wan series is an exhilarating adventure into South East Asian food that's as fresh and vibrant as the food Gok's cooking. Gok Wan learnt to cook in his family's Chinese restaurant and will show us simple ways to make Asian cuisine at home - proving that even some of the most impressive dishes from China, Vietnam and Malaysia are not beyond our reach; from dumplings and laksas to classic curries and street food favourites, made from easy-to-get ingredients, and in no time at all. Watch, bookmark and scroll through all of them for Asian cooking any day of the week.


Nasi Goreng

Savory, golden and brimming with seafood goodness, celebrity Chef Gok Wan shows you how simple it is to whip up and dress up a beautiful Nasi Goreng for any weeknight dinner. His non-conventional tips and tricks yield perfectly coated fried rice that will surprise your loved ones in terms of its “hidden treasures”. You can’t go wrong with this tasty one-pan meal – after all, as Gok Wan shares, “It’s one of my favorite dishes to cook and probably the dish I cook most in my life.”

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing minty Vietnamese Summer Roll when it’s baking hot outside and you want a cooling, rehydrating lunch. Chef Gok Wan recreates “one of the best express lunches out there” layer by layer, while explaining why you should stack your ingredients in the way shown. Sink your teeth into this spring roll and slurp up that spicy zesty and minty marinade over those succulent prawns, spring vermicelli and fresh vegetables.

Mackerel & Wasabi Half Moons

Fancy some savory party snacks that’s nutritious, colorful and pretty to look at? Mackerel & Wasabi Half Moons fit just the bill for a sharing over an Asian-style brunch or weekend lunch. These humble white sushi rice domes conceal a yummy umami mix of herbs, peas and mackerel within and can be served right away or refrigerated for later. Catch how this unique “take on a Japanese handroll” is made with celebrity Chef Gok Wan as he mixes, arranges and garnishes these bite-sized half moons with flair.

Chicken and Cucumber Satay

Nothing goes to waste with Chef Gok Wan’s version of Chicken and Cucumber Satay. The marinade for the chicken is skillfully converted into a rich, creamy dipping sauce that combines the best of East and West. Tenderized chicken flesh is cubed before being alternately threaded with cucumber to give a nice crunch in between mouthful of chargrilled juiciness. When paired with the nutty and flavorful sauce, there’s no wonder why this is “one of the most-cooked dishes in Asia!”

Seafood Laksa

What is Seafood Laksa but a “a one-pot gorgeous and beautiful coconut stock broth served with chili, lemongrass and any other protein you want, plus some vermicelli noodles?” Chef Gok Wan hits our laksa craving spot on with this aromatic and extra spicy noodle soup bowl that’s brimming with omega-3 fatty acids from the salmon. As he puts it, this traditional hawker dish is just “20 minutes to prep, 20 minutes to cook and probably a minute to eat because it’s delicious!”

Chicken Katsu Curry

“When you learn how to make this dish, you will honestly never go out and buy it again because it’s so simple and so beautiful,” enthuses Chef Gok Wan. He brings together his version of the immensely popular Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry in an artistic manner, with interesting additions to balance out the flavors in the gravy. With helpful tips and tricks to guide you along, recreating this golden, crispy Katsu Don is definitely a breeze even for novice home cooks.

Chili and Salt King Prawns

Simply listening to the sizzle of these spiced king prawns will make your mouth water. Prawns are incredibly versatile and easy to cook, and Chef Gok Wan takes it a step further by whipping up a Chili & Salt King Prawns creation that’s “twice-fried and finished in aromatic salt and chili aromatic spices”. Onions, peppers and carrots brighten up the dish and their subtle sweetness blends right in with the sweetness of those big, juicy prawns. The best part? This dish is “hard to get wrong” and is done “in a manner of minutes”.

Canton Beef

Canton Beef is a stir-fry that infuses wok-tossed flavors into chunky sirloin beef, roughly chopped tomatoes, peppers, green onions, water chestnuts and onion. As Chef Gok Wan puts it, that’s basically “all the stuff that’s left in your fridge after a week’s shop.” What better way to use your leftover fresh ingredients than to turn them into a well-seasoned, slightly charred gravy dish that pairs perfectly with steamed white rice?

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