Filipino Recipes

Filipino food is fast becoming popular globally in recent years and that comes as no surprise to us. With her long history and unique culture, filipino food brings rich flavors from the protein rich pork dishes such as Adobo and Lechon to tropical desserts like the mango float, our filipino recipes have got you covered. Of course, no conversation about filipino food is complete without talking about filipino street food. The balut (duck embryo), siomai and siopao guarantees a unique travel and eat experience in the bustling streets of Manila.


Filipino Recipes You MUST Try 

The Philippines is known for many things - gorgeous beaches, rich history as well as flavoursome dishes. 

Filipino cuisine has evolved over the years with developments in pop culture and influence from various eastern and western civilizations. It is characterized by the combination of sour (asim), salty (alat), sweet (tamis) and spicy (anghang) flavours. 

Popular dishes include Bulcachong (Filipino beef stew) and Pansit Buko Guisado (coconut noodles)

Want to give Filipino cuisine a go? There are countless eateries across the globe, but nothing tastes better than something you put together yourself!

Not only does cooking at home help you save money, but it helps you unlock hidden kitchen talents and lets you discover cultures and heritage through food.

Whether you are an experienced chef or newbie in the kitchen, we have a full range of Filipino recipes for you to try. Browse our collection of recipes today!

3 Common Ingredients in Filipino Cuisine 

Filipino dishes have a distinct flavour. Here are 3 common ingredients you can find in Filipino cuisine:

1) Fish Sauce: a staple seasoning in most Asian cuisines, fish sauce is used in various seafood and meat dishes like Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Soup)

2) Calamansi limes: these limes give dishes like Chicken Arroz Caldo a refreshing citrus flavour and balance out oily and spicy tastes.

3) Chicken: perhaps one of the most widely used poultry in Filipino cuisine, one can make chicken tinola and chicken pastil

The Secret to Nailing a Filipino Dish

Ingredients make up a good dish. But creating a great dish is cooking them right. 

The secret to cooking a stellar Filipino dish is controlling the fire. It is easy to overcook common condiments and ingredients used in Filipino cooking. So, make sure you keep an eagle eye on the fire and your ingredients.

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