Easy Vegetable Dishes

Stocked up too many vegetables during your grocery runs? Why not make full use of it? We have vegetable recipes catered for everyone! Whether you are learning how to cook vegetarian food or want to combine the greens with meat dishes, our easy recipes will surely excite you!

Why learn how to cook vegetables?

Since young, our elders have always emphasised the need to consume enough vegetables in every meal to remain healthy. Indeed, those who eat more vegetables (and fruits) reduce the risks of suffering from chronic illnesses such as heart disease. Vegetables are a crucial source for vitamins and nutrients to boost the overall immune system. Furthermore, fibre present in foods like broccoli and spinach ensure good digestive health.

There are many types of greens and the like available in the market but oftentimes, not knowing how to cook the vegetables make many less willing to purchase them. Our easy-to-follow vegetable recipes aim to solve this problem.

It is also a misconception to assume that all vegetable recipes are meant for vegetarian food. Surely the dishes comprise primarily of vegetables, but they can also be accompanied by different kinds of meat. The art is to be able to combine a good quantity of both ingredients to make a wholesome and nutritious meal. Nonetheless, if you are learning how to cook vegetarian food, some of our vegetable recipes below will definitely be of help!

Scrumptious vegetable dishes for everyone

We have a range of recipes for different types of home-cooks. Those who are good at cooking can experiment with our new vegetable recipes and adapt them to their own unique styles. For those who have just started learning how to cook vegetarian food or even vegetables themselves, we have simple recipes below for you to get started. Home-cooks who cannot afford much time in the kitchen will also love our quick and easy vegetable recipes. Time to take out your vegetables and start cooking healthily!

Vegetables are found in all types of Asian cuisines – learn how you can cook vegetables in different types of dishes across cultures!

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